Full Mission Simulator fo pilot of L-39 (TKS-L39)

Full Mission Simulator fo pilot of L-39 (TKS-L39)
Full Mission Simulator fo pilot of L-39 (TKS-L39)


Purpose simulator: maintaining skills crews drill parts the technique of piloting, navigation and combat employment of aircraft L-39 for air and ground targets.

Special software simulators (TAS-TKD-L39 and L39) included:

A fully functional model of all aircraft systems and devices; model dynamics on the ground and flight; three-dimensional models of real areas of operations with the models of ground navigational aids, models of acoustic noise. ACT can work out in real time and improve skills in the following tasks:

  • Check flight equipment before the flight;
  • Preparation for launch, launch and testing of the engine;
  • Preparing for taxiing to the day and night conditions;
  • Takeoff and climb in the day and night, flying in a circle;
  • Implementation of simple shapes, complex and aerobatics;
  • Flying the aircraft visually and on devices throughout the range of altitudes, speeds, angles, pitch and roll, including in the critical flight conditions (stall, a spin normal and inverted, the output from it);
  • Piloting aircraft for duplicate instrument;
  • Fly on the route, including the use of equipment «Spark-K» for solving piloting;
  • Execution of the group flight in pairs;
  • Flights for military use (flights to launch guided missiles at air targets, the firing rockets at ground targets, the bombing at photo shoot air targets);
  • Execution pre-plant maneuver and approach, including the ARC with a disabled LCR, landing day and night, in adverse weather con­ditions, with direct and two turns;
  • Simulate the special circumstances of the flight (for the various failures of equipment and aircraft).

Composition simulator:

  • Simulator front cabin (pilot) with simulations of all devices and sys­tems for aircraft, six peripheral controllers and interface unit;
  • three-channel collimation system for the visualization cabin blackout;
  • six coordinate dynamic platform capacity of 4000 kg with electric;
  • information-computer system comprising: a network PC industry performance and the ACT;
  • workplace manager – co-pilot of: three industrial PC performance, ACT, seven monitors, keyboards, joysticks.

Stationary complex simulator pilot TKS-L39 can be supplied in one of five configurations (for consumer choice)Dynamic complex simulator TKD-L39 can be supplied in one of two configurations (for consumer choice).